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Life We Live by Let's Go To War

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Reviewed on 23rd December 2009.


Life We Live

By Let's Go To War

Hot on the heels of the current crunkcore / screamo crunk explosion spearheaded by Hollywood Undead and 3OH!3 (and introduced to us by Kerrang! who ran an article asking "is this the worst genre of music ever created?") comes Let's Go To War, another act blending expletive and purposefully un-P.C lyrics with squelchy electro beats, vocoder vocals and punk-rock posturing.

Once you get past the pointless and apparently completely random voiceover introduction, there is some guilty-pleasure entertainment to be had with A-side 'Life We Live.' However, this is mainly restricted to the boneheaded crunk shouting, which is big, tough and dumb enough to be pretty fun (if you're not easily offended, that is) and backed up by a meaty RnB beat.

But, it all falls apart when Let's Go To War carry that simple crunch into what are presumably supposed to be the song's 'electro' sections. Dropping the shouting, and replacing it with a single line of heavily-repeated vocoder vocals, does not electro make. It feels tired after about three seconds, when you realise that this scrap of robotic vocals is about as electro as 'Life We Live' is going to get.

Variety isn't a high priority for second track 'Burn Down The Disco' either. A straightforward crunch once again provides 99% of the musical meat, while a smattering of trilling electro effects and fizzy synths provide the 'electro' element. Its slugging beat would probably draw a reasonable crowd onto the dance floor, but there isn't nearly enough to hold the interest of a sober listener. A thumpy, electro-flavoured crunkcore track, with a very limited shelf life.

The less said about 'The World City's Got A Cold,' the better. It's so stereotypically crunk, it's almost a parody of the genre, taking in such suitably crunk-tastic topics as sex, drug and substance abuse, and violence. One strictly for fans of boil-in-the-bag, painfully cliched crunk fodder. Everyone else should avoid at all costs.

Erase 'The Whole City's Got A Cold' from your memory (somehow) and the 'Life We Live' single is a passable bit of crunkcore bandwagon jumping. If you enthusiastically embraced Hollywood Undead, Brokencyde, 3OH!3 and the like, then prepare to be, well, underwhelmed but not horrified, by Let's Go To War.



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