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This Is Disco by Decoy

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Reviewed on 1st June 2001.


This Is Disco

By Decoy

Decoy proclaim 'This Is Disco', but sadly the title should perhaps be something more like 'This is a funky tea-dance'! Why? Well because Decoy have a massive amount of ideas (too many in some cases) some good, some not so good and some completely unnecessary but using those ideas in the write dose is not a skill they have yet acquired. I was let down in a big way by this CD! Before reviewing any band I make it a policy to read as much as I can about them, do a little digging, a little surfing and usually I will come up with all the info I didn't get from the CD inlay. Everything I read about Decoy was good! At every turn there was some info to tell me how impressed I would be and what a fine young band they were. Great I thought, let's stick the CD on and get cracking. Now don't get me wrong, the sound that Decoy have is excellent, they are obviously talented musicians and the polished production compliments their intricate choppy and changing writing style. Opener 'This is Disco' is friendly enough...as Gilly Goulding would say...I'm getting Mansun, I'm smelling Denim, I'm getting a backwash of Pulp and there's even a hint of a tint of Verve. But where as all of these acts have the ability to lift me up high and then drop me gently and just generally hold my attention, Decoy don't. I have just listened to the track for about the eighth time and I can't honestly hum one bit of it. Try tapping your foot along to it and you'll end up with a limp - not because it is so fast but because I've lost count of the number of time signatures the drummer has used.

I can see why everyone sings the praises of Decoy as they are technically very talented and could never be called unoriginal but their is fine line between being impressively clever and just being boring, and you can probably guess on which side of this line I place Decoy. Tracks 2-4 could quite easily be swapped round on random play, you could listen to a different sequence of them ten times and wouldn't notice it was random.

The future is not doom and gloom for Decoy, it's only going to get better. I sense a band at the start of their career and if they can hone their style to be a little more catchy, direct and create a more epic sound then I have no doubt I will be made to eat my words. For now though Decoy are acting as a decoy to the talents that are obviously there and this will be for the hardiest fans of fiddly drum patterns only.



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