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Best Of Me by Eight Legs

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Reviewed on 21st January 2010.


Best Of Me

By Eight Legs

After previously reviewing Eight Legs' 'I Understand' single, I was convinced that 'Best Of Me' was, in fact, the B-side from that single. It isn't (although 'Best Of Me's B-side is a remix of previous A-side, 'I Understand') but 'Best Of Me' is the epitome of the indie song you know you've heard somewhere before. "Who sings this?" you'll ask, whenever you overhear this track. Chances are nobody will know, simply because it doesn't really matter. 'Best Of Me' is a vaguely catchy, vaguely off-kilter piece of indie-rock slickness with a few good hooks, but a great big blank where a personality should be.

It's supported by a 'Blame James Remix' of previous single 'I Understand.' An echo effect is added to the original track, which makes it even more dreamy and insubstantial than it was to begin with. This is the worst kind of music: the kind that doesn't illicit either like nor dislike and, surely, as a band this is the last thing you want?



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