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Glee Soundtrack by Various Artists

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Reviewed on 25th January 2010.


Glee Soundtrack

By Various Artists

When this dropped on the mat it felt like a mistake. Like being given some death metal or classical music to review, not really on my radar. So, I've done my research (watched one episode) and taken into account the fact that not knowing much about something has never stopped me having an opinion before.

The first and last tracks are fairly straightforward, Journey's 'Don't stop believing' and Queen's 'Someone to Love' are affectionate remakes of those 80's soft rock anthems, so beloved of compilers of 'Drivetime' CD's.

The remake of 'Rehab' is just surreal, a smiley, pom-pom waving tale of loss and alcohol dependency. 'Push it' is beautifully inappropriate and 'Gold Digger' so emasculated it's a different song.

All songs, of course, end with the two note, one hand in the air, frozen smile freeze so compulsory on the X-factor and so well parodied at the end of every Harry Hill. - Push it! Don't Stop! etc. The X-factor has to be the frame of reference for this and the difference, the whole key to the thing, is that Glee knows it's ridiculous. The X-Factor, and all who sail in her, seem take themselves so seriously, that even (especially) while pretending to have 'fun' they just emanate cynicism. Everyone in Glee seems to be having fun, especially when they're pretending to take it seriously.

You can well imagine some X-factor wannabe singing the Journey song, maybe they have, but you wouldn't enjoy it a fraction as much. As Cowell might say, there's no 'likeability.'

It's also a glimpse of the future with them pushing the downloads of the individual songs at the end of the episode, surely the instant TV/download link will be, for better or for worse. a huge feature in music sales. With cable linking all your media, just push the red button to download audio/video to your sky computer box. Don't buy those HMV shares just yet.



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On 25th January 2010 at 20:07 Dave LMS wrote...

Sounds like you got the extra special version Steve as Amazon folk are complaining that 'Push it' and 'Rehab' (and a few more) aren't on the released CD version.


On 26th January 2010 at 13:14 Anonymous 6854 wrote...

I am special. the actual score was both 1/10 and 10/10 as it's horrific and fabulous at the same time. your outmoded system couldn't cope with my innovative dual scoring technique.



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