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The Last Night Of 1989 by Bleed Electric

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Reviewed on 30th January 2010.


The Last Night Of 1989

By Bleed Electric

The diversity of this single is to be applauded: 80's influenced dance music, a sprinkling of grunge, Hip hop style lyrics and some bad ass beats just to keep us on our toes.

You have got to take your hat off to em, only a group with total control of their work can produce an offering as varied as this.

'The Last Night Of 1989' is a clever, dance infused, toe tapper. The rapping is infectious and the beats are ballistic.

'XII Special Weapons and Tactics' is far removed from its predecessor. It's Enter Shakiri meets Death From Above. The sheer balls of it has to be applauded. It's what independent music should be; taking a risk and experimenting whilst still producing a piece of utterly credible music.

I must say I was totally confused and surprised after listening to the single. It's varied style and pace are commended. It will leave you exhausted and heighten your senses, autonomous music at it's best.



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