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Fly Yellow Moon by Fyfe Dangerfield

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Reviewed on 7th February 2010.


Fly Yellow Moon

By Fyfe Dangerfield

When I found out Fyfe (best name in the world) Dangerfield was releasing a debut solo album I was excited. He's been an individual I've kept my eye on for a long time and followed the progress of his band closely. He's the penetrating force behind the explosively unique band that is the Guillemots; however he takes a step back, strips things down a little for this outing: 'Fly Yellow Moon'

First track, 'When You Walk in the Room' was made available as a free download and it kicks the album off in style. Fyfe's screamingly beautiful words of "I want you endlessly" echo throughout the song, romanticising the listener. It doesn't really set the tone for the album though; it's more of a power track before a ballad, the orgasm preceding a cuddle.

The rest of the album is more acoustically haunting. With 'Barricades' we see how Fyfe's use of repetition, which could annoy the hell out of you if it was coming from another artist's mouth, works so well, crooning about the love of life and another. The passion is forthcoming; it pokes you on the nose rather than hitting you on the face or hiding in the far corner. It's at a level which makes you think; an art form.

My favourite track is 'Livewire.' 'We've got everything to play for, 1-1, half time' gives a 'life's too short' feel to this world we call home. It's a story he tells, where his obvious fuel for living and getting all you can from this world is paramount. There are traces of many-an-emotion throughout this album. Perhaps regret? It's what you'd expect from the Guillemots, just softer; whispered, rather than roared.

Mainly written whilst the Guillemots were working on and touring their 'Red' album, Fyfe wished to release it individually as it's apparently a step away from the direction in which the band are next venturing. I cannot wait to hear that!

"Very flattering" - something Fyfe said to me in a recent email. It's worth the flattery! 'Fly Yellow Moon' is an astounding album, from a genius of a man.



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On 7th February 2010 at 11:42 Anonymous 7599 wrote...

I enjoyed checking this out recently. It's a great debut solo album, that's for sure. You can read my thoughts here:


On 7th February 2010 at 12:01 Anonymous 7175 wrote...

This is such a good album.



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