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Down With The Fairies by Knievel Genius

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Reviewed on 7th February 2010.


Down With The Fairies

By Knievel Genius

'Down With The Fairies,' the second single from the London four-piece, is a solid slice of riff-heavy rock. Underpinned by a spring-heeled drumbeat, and overlaid with quirky, attention-grabbing guitar lines, the only thing 'Down With The Fairies' is lacking, is that memorable vocal hook. Musically, this is a weighty rock track that sets out to impress, but vocally and lyrically it passes by in a bit of a blur. A good, strong song that's missing that final bit of magic.

Despite a promising intro chock-full of bristling riffs, b-side 'Houdini Pt.1' turns out to be a glimmery meander where those initial, swaggering riffs are relegated to the edges of hearing. Why they didn't make more of those opening riffs, is anybody's guess......

'Down With The Fairies' is an encouraging second edition to the Knievel Genius family, which sees them continuing to pedal their weighty, hard-rock wares - it's just missing that elusive spark which makes a song impossible to ignore.



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