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Who Am I by Lail Arad

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Reviewed on 16th February 2010.


Who Am I

By Lail Arad

Dripping with a very British sense of humour, Lail Arad could very easily be described as the replacement for Lilly Allen, but that would be very harsh indeed - although it does give an idea of the genre this fits into. Pop with intelligent lyrics; a cheeky smile to seduce the boys and the honest confidence to win over the girls. That might be sexist, but probably fairly accurate (go on leave a comment, let me know.) Another possible comparison would be a female Ben Folds, although a bit more down to earth.

Lail has a very strong, controlled voice that allows you to hear her smile as she sings, emphasising the cheeky nature of some of her words. She is clearly someone who enjoys writing songs, and that comes across with the sense of fun, but don't think this is a comedy act.

Her words do make both her and the listener smile while conjuring images in the same way the Arctic Monkeys managed on their fist album, providing a sense of detail with only a few words. The percussive line on this track sounds like a Columbian Cumbia, which would explain the gig you can see on UTube with the multi-cultural tart Devandra Berhardt. The Kinks also get a reference on this song, and appear to have influenced the chorus and bass work.

I have definitely been seduced by the quirky, fun nature of this song and sought out more straight away. Which led me to her MySpace account and the video of her performing a track called 'Adam Green' with what looks like a single take recording after she had just written the song. It is both clever and funny and displays talent.

This track is probably too close to Lilly Allen to define her identity, but should make people curious.



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