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Dead Dead Fucking Dead by Wounds

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Reviewed on 16th February 2010.


Dead Dead Fucking Dead

By Wounds

'Dead Dead Fucking Dead' is the name of Dublin five piece Wounds' debut EP.

Kicking off the seven song set are 'Trees,' 'Ugly Mouth' and 'Vectors,' three bass-heavy tunes, focused entirely on groove. The bass is as high in the mix as the guitars, and the drums never let anyone catch their breath. The songs are definitely heavy enough to inspire a frenzy live, but without too much melody at this stage they fall flat of being really exciting, despite some innovative guitar playing. 

The singer uses a Gallows-style raspy scream to get his message across, but it's only on fourth track 'Black Lungs' that he starts to sound like he has anything to say. In fact, the last four tracks pick up immensely, with the groove that sets Wounds apart being harnessed with as much brute force as before, but now with a dash of subtlety as well, with slow burner 'Choke' being my favourite.

Slowness seems to be the strength of the last songs (not that fast-paced 'Pyramids' isn't also great) and I think this allows the hardcore thrashy riffs to relax a little, and the breakneck neck drums to stop urging the band on and get really behind the beat. 'Black Lungs' is a case in point, where a nice stabbed chord sequence is built upon with churning bass hits and some pretty arpeggios before giving way to a funky but rollicking beat which then underpins the slow/fast switch of the guitars, while the singer uses the fast moments to whip the song into a frenzy, and the sparser moments to point an accusing finger - "four days I waited, I never slept." Best of all, it manages all this in two and a half minutes.

Wounds are essentially a hardcore band with a big tip of the hat to both thrash and stoner, and as such they can draw upon the slower and groovier elements of both; they just need to be more careful not to let heaviness and speed get in the way of melody and creativity.

Wounds don't let up on the promise they made in the title - to rip your face off and beat you with the soggy side - but they also prove themselves more than capable of writing a tune that reaches beyond the moshpit.



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