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Pledge - Kerbdog Tribute by Various Artists

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Reviewed on 2nd March 2010.


Pledge - Kerbdog Tribute

By Various Artists

As soon as I saw this album was being released I was straight onto the email asking to review it. I have been a long-standing fan of Ireland's metal sons Kerbdog, and just as the world seems to have forgotten about them along comes this tribute album crammed full of covers from their small back catalogue, and featuring a broad array of bands with varying musical influences.

The album kicks off with my favourite song from 'On The Turn,' 'Pledge.' This version by Cars On Fire sounds like the original until the end where they experiment with harmonies in a good way. Dutch Schultz cover the rare and non-album track 'Hard To Live,' this being the second time I have heard this song (including the original Kerbdog version.) Frank Turner, one of the more recognisable acts on the list, plays an acoustic version of 'Sally,' and it's really memorable and outstanding. Dave McPherson does the same thing for 'J.J's Song,' creating a beautiful and haunting version of one of Kerbdog's greatest hits. Whereas Mike Got Spiked covers 'Dry Riser,' the album ends with Dry Riser, huge fans of the band by their name, covering 'Dragging Through.' Let's just say if I haven't got the original Kerbdog albums playing thought-out the house I have this compilation shaking the walls. Absolutely excellent! The only reason it does not have 5 stars is that I am still gutted that Kerbdog are not making another album!



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