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Wolves by Let's Go To War

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Reviewed on 7th March 2010.



By Let's Go To War

After being irritated to within an inch of my life by Let's Go To War's crunk-tastic 'Life We Live' EP, which managed to pack an entire genre's worth of cliches into three songs, their 'Wolves' single was something of a pleasant surprise. There's only one crunk-rap verse in the entire song and, if you removed that, you'd be left with a decent glitched-up dance track, spearheaded by hooky pop vocals.

'Wolves' has the makings of a skewed, alt-electronica guilty pleasure - it's just a shame Let's Go To War couldn't completely eradicate the lingering bad taste of crunk-rap from what's otherwise a great trance track.

'Wolves' is accompanied by two versions of 'Life We Live,' from their previous EP, both remixed by London-based Tomb Crew. The first, 'Life We Live (Tomb Crew vs. LGTW)' has more synths, glitches and weird effects than you can shake a stick at. However, it's lacking that single-minded, bone-headed trance drive that makes 'Wolves' such a guilty pleasure. The second remix, 'Life We Live (Tomb Crew Dub)' is basically 'Life We Live (Tomb Crew vs. LGTW)' with more of the original lyrics included in the mix - for some unknown reason (let's face it, the lyrics are hardly the selling-point of your average crunk track.)

Against your better judgement, 'Wolves's twisted dance beats and poppy vocals might just win you over - just be sure to avoid the two remixes.



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