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Everything Must Go by We'll All Be Heroes

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Reviewed on 7th March 2010.


Everything Must Go

By We'll All Be Heroes

'Everything Must Go,' the debut EP from We'll All Be Heroes, is an impressive first release that seizes your attention from the get-go, with the hook-crammed, pop-laced punk of the EP-opener and title track.

'Everything Must Go' romps along with oodles of youthful sass and a call-to-arms chorus that was custom made to win We'll All Be Heroes legions of adoring fans at emo-friendly festivals such as Give It A Name. But, what really secures this song a place on the top of your CD stack, are the verses, which see frontman Dave Rutherford begin to sound a little like The Used's Bert McCracken. To say this is a likeness that'll endear We'll All Be Heroes to their target market, is the understatement of the year. 'Everything Must Go' takes the springy choruses of pop-punk and the mock-rebellion and angst of emo, and puts a slightly more grown-up slant on it.

Once you've managed to tear yourself away from the bubblegum-pop-meets-rock goodness of the opening track, the good-times continue with 'Burn Your Bridges' - possibly the only song that'll stop you from walking around humming the chorus from 'Everything Must Go.' With this sort of moreish musical popcorn, there's always the danger of it becoming just another throwaway pop-punk track: usurped in your CD collection by albums with more substance. We'll All Be Heroes have two tricks up their sleeve to ensure 'Burn Your Bridges' isn't a one-shot sugar-rush: they lace the song with screamo secondary vocals, and demonstrate a talent for holding the music slightly out of sync with the vocal rhythms, to surreal and pleasantly disorientating effect. On 'Burn Your Bridges,' the pre-chorus section is a heady and unique swirl of guitars and vocals. It's something you don't get from your average pop-punk track, and gives you a reason to come back to We'll All Be Heroes, the next time you fancy hearing a catchy chorus.

'Locked Out' is the perfect conclusion to this EP, as it takes the occasional dream-like quality of 'Burn Your Bridges' and builds on it, with a hush of layered, lamenting voices wafting across plains of jagged guitars. This instinct for contrasting sounds distinguishes We'll All Be Heroes as one of the more interesting and mature acts occupying the busy emo/screamo/pop-punk ecosystem.

This EP is custom-made for the current music scene; perfectly balanced between the hooky melodies and sing-along choruses of Broadway Calls, and the troubled screamo of The Used. A band for fans of shiny, uber-polished pop-punk ditties, who are beginning to crave something just that little bit darker.



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