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Candy Girl by Ganglians

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Reviewed on 6th April 2010.


Candy Girl

By Ganglians

The heady alt-pop of 'Candy Girl' has a naive, childish quality to it - probably because 90% of the instruments sound like they've been borrowed straight from the toybox.

What sounds like a combination of clunky xylophone, maracas, and bird-like whistles cut a woozy path through a fug of distortion, while the frontman mutters and mumbles absent-mindedly to himself. On first listen, 'Candy Girl' doesn't really seem to go anywhere but, after a few more listens, it does become catchier than initial impressions would have you believe. The choruses in particular send the listener on a mild head-spin, which isn't at all unpleasant.

'Candy Girl' is a nursery-rhyme song that's intriguing, and may even tempt you to hum along during the chorus, but there isn't enough here to make 'Candy Girl' linger in the mind. An unusual bit of mood-piece music, but as a single, this isn't going to have you rushing out to buy the album.



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