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Warm Slime by Thee Oh Sees

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Reviewed on 14th April 2010.


Warm Slime

By Thee Oh Sees

Independent music's awash with garage rock throw-backs at the moment, both exciting and lazy. Thee Oh Sees have cultivated a reputation for productivity, and not the ineffectual churning-it-out-by-the-minute kind, but actually putting together some substantially genuine additions to the genre. Lynch pin John Dwyer's less wimpy take on the 60s sound is exercised in this latest album, 'Warm Slime,' which is making its way out on In the Red as of 11th May.

With a tracklist that reveals only seven songs, there must be more to 'Warm Slime' than meets the eye. The secret weapon is a fourteen minute extended wig out of the eponymous title track. Ok, it might be your typical homage to Nuggets, bated with reverb and belligerent tambourine hammering, but Thee Oh Sees seem to peddle this kind of nostalgia pretty well, trimming the fat from the lukewarm efforts of their contemporaries. Shaking blues pattern and barking trashy vocals are cast over the prickly treble-heavy psych territory that makes this so immediately tasty. There's the obligatory flat-footed, garage-march number in 'Everything Went Back' and the rumble of three chord surf supplants 'Castiatic Tackle' as the boisterously poppy runt of the album. Mopping up the dregs is the giddy-dumb shtick of 'MT Work' that sounds like it can barely stand up, loosely beating to the heart of the party.

Essentially, in taking on a garage rock flavoured sound you can't go far wrong; it's capturing a great period of music that was both primitive and poppy. Perhaps originality isn't the key here, and if you enjoy those robust guitar sounds given a slightly punkier veneer then 'Warm Slime' will undoubtedly tickle your fancy but maybe it's getting a bit tired now. King Khan and BBQ still clock in as the top-dog synthesisers of the retro factor or better still, refuse no substitute and get amongst the compilations: Nuggets, It Came From the Garage, or even a Joe Meek best of.



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