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Won't Get Up Again by Young Rebel Set

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Reviewed on 21st April 2010.


Won't Get Up Again

By Young Rebel Set

After releasing two singles last year, Young Rebel Set are back with their 'Won't Get Up Again' EP.

There's a surprisingly folkish twinge to the Young Rebel Set sound, which manifests itself most obviously on 'Rosie.' The story-telling lyrics and acoustic strumming makes this a personal, country-flavoured holler, which urges you to sing along and tap your feet. A fun song with an earnest vibe, and a whiff of folk that gives Young Rebel Set an edge in the overpopulated indie scene.

The bouncy, eager-eyed acoustic ditty of 'Fall Hard' follows in 'Rosie's country-tinged steps. The standard acoustic guitar strum is infused with extra feeling, thanks to some soulful electric guitar-work. Expect the cheerful acoustic patter to be periodically cracked apart by wailing electric guitars, as 'Fall Hard' ricochets between getting your dancing feet twitching, and giving your heart-strings a good old tweak.

The remaining two songs, 'Bagatelle' and 'Won't Get Up Again' capture Young Rebel Set in two completely different moods. 'Won't Get Up Again' thumps along to a rollicking crunch of a drumbeat that'll have you nodding along in no time. Although it's an ingeniously simple and addictive beat, an entire song's worth of nothing but that incessant pounding would be headache-inducing, and Young Rebel Set wisely add additional layers of sound as the song progresses. The lurch between the verses and the sudden euphoria of the choruses is jarring and screams out for a softer touch but, overall, this is the EP's most accessible and instantly likeable moment.

'Bagatelle' meanwhile, is a slow burner. Starting off as a shimmer of silvery strumming, it's the sort of song that'll bring a hush to a noisy room. The neat, tinny patter of the strumming and the slickness of the slide-guitar is fascinating. From a striking beginning, Young Rebel Set make a merciless bid for the listener's affections, with strings that waft, trembling and fragile across a nostalgia-drenched soundscape. And, inevitably, Young Rebel Set drag those strings to the forefront for the finale, wrenching curtains of wailing strings back and forth across frontman Matty Chipchase's ragged vocals. It's a very natural evolution from humble beginnings, to a lovingly-formed swirl of strings, but then, completely inexplicably, 'Bagatelle' ends in a fade down. Why, after painstakingly growing 'Bagatelle' from a simple acoustic refrain, Young Rebel Set couldn't be bothered to give it a proper ending, is anyone's guess. A beautiful, well-thought out and meticulous slow-burner, with a rubbish ending.

This EP has a refreshing take on indie, replacing the usual slick and cool vibe with folky, story telling lyrics and rattling acoustic guitar. An EP for those looking for something more personal and earnest from their indie.



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On 22nd April 2010 at 21:29 Anonymous 7712 wrote...

The EP's fab, ive seen these guys live loads and ive heard a few their singles. the review reads great until the last few sentances. shame you had to ruin it jessica. maybe after you've had a bit more experience reviewing new music you wont come off sounding like such an amateur.
By the way, its Fall Hard, not Fall Hand...
Keep up the excellant work lads x



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