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What Would Judas Do? by Ocean Bottom Nightmare

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Reviewed on 21st April 2010.


What Would Judas Do?

By Ocean Bottom Nightmare

'What Would Judas Do?' the new single from Ocean Bottom Nightmare has the best of both words: an infectious spring in its step, with something rotten simmering just beneath the surface.

The verses have the sort of irrepressible energy your average pop-punk band would be proud of, but this is not just another pop-punk-by-numbers track; a bass pulse slinks through the jigging guitars, promising something nasty just around the corner. And, Ocean Bottom Nightmare make good on that promise, pitching the listener into a storm of vengeful guitars, where hardcore snarls knock heads, and the break-neck ricochet of the vocal head-butting keeps energy levels sky-high.

Frontman Jonny has an odd, nasal tone that might prove to be a barrier for some but, if whiny-edged vocals sound like the sort of thing you can overlook, then 'What Would Judas Do?' is a full-throated mash-up of pop-punk exuberance and skin-stripping hardcore aggression. Toe-tapping nastiness.



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