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Everybody Wants To Be On TV by Scouting For Girls

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Reviewed on 22nd May 2010.


Everybody Wants To Be On TV

By Scouting For Girls

Brought up in London, discovered by Myspace, nominated for three BRITs on their first album alone - What's not to like about Scouting For Girls?

Their new album 'Everybody Wants to be on TV' proves that these boys were no one hit wonder and that they really do deserve a credible place on the British music circuit. An album packed with lyrical truths, clever instrumental experiments, commercial techno and, let's face it, Stride's sexy and pure vocals, alone, are enough to make all of us weak at the knees!

Beginning on a positive... one of my favourite tracks on the album is, without a doubt, 'Silly Song'. The tracks opening is, surprisingly, very similar to that of Owl City's 'Fireflies;' the similarities perhaps portraying a growing trend for arpeggiated, futuristic keyboard chords. Due to this, the onset proves commercial and expected rather than original and relevant, which is an instant let down. However, this song is a clear demonstration of the phrase 'Don't judge a book by its cover.' The track progresses into a really simple song with a lasting effect, something Scouting for girls are undoubtedly famous for. It stages a clumsy, childish piano arrangement which creates a stunning effect and really highlights Stride's true, Londoner vocal tone, which makes him even more appealing. The opening is a let down, but as a whole the song is a huge success and sums Scouting For girls up in one!

The song 'Famous' illustrates a beautiful use of 80's trance themes and synthesised electro keyboard. This track is a real feel good tune which I found really lifted my mood and caused me to dance around my room. The song reflects the band's real talent for effective, overwhelming backing vocals. The great use of computerized vocals work a treat with this vintage, rock 'n' roll number! If, as a listener, you're looking for originality and quirk, here it is! Back to the future ft. The Wombats.

A track on the album that I was deeply disappointed with has to be 'Little Miss Naughty.' It starts off sounding like another 'Basshunter' wannabe clubland dance track and eventually fades into a predictable laidback indie tune, so, from all directions, a disappointment. Despite the successful use of electro and trance themes on this album, this song proves Scouting For Girls can only push an experiment so far without ruining any reputation of originality and talent altogether. An okay track with some intelligent moments and likeable beats, however, next to the standard of the other tracks on the album, this song is a cat amongst lions.

'This Ain't a Love Song' is definitely the 'She's So Lovely' of this album. A stunning track with a lovely, polyphonic texture of electric guitars and simple piano sequences that really give this song climax and direction. This song really reflects Scouting For Girls' flare for simple, repetitive lyrics that captivate an audience and really make sense to the working world. This is, clearly, a heartfelt song with in depth meaning and truth, some inspiring moments and a real sense of personal meaning.

Overall, 'Everybody Wants to be on TV' is a beautiful collaboration of simple blossoming indie, 80's trance, computerized electro and raw pop. A fantastic showcase of Stride's stunning vocal talent and the band's real flare for simple, heartfelt lyrics and clumsy piano chords. An album not to be missed and a real success.



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