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O My Heart by Mother Mother

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Reviewed on 27th May 2010.


O My Heart

By Mother Mother

The title track from Mother Mother's re-released 'O My Heart' album, is a spiky song of angular vocal peaks and awkwardly-shaped riffs that'll needle you into submission.

'O My Heart' is a song of many contrasting elements that makes it near impossible to categorise. The folky veneer of twitching riffs and sharp vocals conceals a gooey centre of infectious pop sentiments, backed up by a wallowing, doomy bass beat that's genuinely unnerving.

A shrill, indie-pop shimmy with an underlying darkness that gives it a weightier sound than previous single 'Hay Loft,' and more off-centre hooks than you can shake a stick at. By all rights, this song should come out sounding like a musical nightmare. Instead, it's one of the most infuriatingly catchy singles you're likely to hear.

'Heavy Heavy' plays up the folky feel that Mother Mother court, with their penchant for acoustic guitars and luxurious vocal harmonies. Its storytelling lyrics cut a refreshing contrast to 'O My Heart's ambiguous, poetic slant, but it ships with enough sudden, slanted high notes, to drive the song home and have it rooted in your head as firmly as the A-side.

Mother Mother are not a band for those with low irritation thresholds, and perhaps an entire album's worth of these strident vocals might begin to grate but, taken in this two song burst, they're a head-turning and arresting band.



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