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My Sweet Revenge by Charlie Indestructible

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Reviewed on 27th May 2010.


My Sweet Revenge

By Charlie Indestructible

Look beyond the My Chemical Romance-esque album title and the 'I Know What You Did Last Summer' style song titles ('I'm Back Billy And I Want You,' anyone?) and Charlie Indestructible are a surprisingly heavy band.

'Step One Is Establishment, Step Two Is Sabotage' is the strongest track on the EP, as the band take the outcast appeal of 'Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge'-era My Chemical Romance, infuse it with the goth-pop of Alkaline Trio, and splice in a few heavy metal riffs. 'Step One...' features a chorus of soaring goth-pop vocals and stroppy lyrics. Only, it's executed with such conviction and dramatic flair, that it might just draw in a few people who thought they'd grown past songs about being a vengeful teenager. 'My Sweet Revenge' serves up another guilty-pleasure anthem of foot-stamping teenage bile. For this track, Charlie Indestructible unleash wave after wave of metal riffing, cut through with fluttery hints of a truly nasty, doomy riff. And, they go all out on the closing moments, churning out one long, unbroken stream of said nasty riff, over a single-minded thrust of drumbeats and gnashing gang vocals. Genuinely terrifying.

'I'm Back Billy And I Want You' is the one song on this EP that struggles to find its groove, reeling out drum-rolls and riffs seemingly at random, and mostly keeping the listener on the outside. During the chorus, it does briefly stumble upon that black, urgent energy the rest of the EP has in abundance but, apart from that, 'I'm Back Billy....' is one of those songs that never really gets going.

Forget the MCR image; beneath a thin veneer of angsty lyrics and bad song titles, Charlie Indestructible's debut EP packs two gutsy metal anthems.



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