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A Sun / Ahh Ahh by Tweak Bird

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Reviewed on 28th May 2010.


A Sun / Ahh Ahh

By Tweak Bird

Tweak Bird are unusual in that they churn out jazzy, self-indulgent art rock soundscapes, which don't surpass the five minute mark. In fact, B-side 'Stampeado' does the unthinkable in avant-garde circles and clocks in at just over two minutes.

'Stampeado' is actually the stronger of the two songs. Bounding drumbeats urge this mass of grinding spazzcore riffing into a gallop, making 'Stampeado' refreshingly good fun in the often straight-faced world of experimental rock. Unfortunately, the same can't be said for 'A Sun /Ahh Ahh,' which only occasional breaks out into fits of wild riffing. Most of the time, it limps along to a broken drumbeat, while a single, blunt-sounding riff saws back and forth. Things get worse, as the mid-section takes an unexpected turn into impromptu jazz territory. Once the novelty has worn off, you realise that the brass section are just playing the same rhythm over and over, and over again. Tweak Bird do briefly bring in the full band for the closing moments, but it's too little, too late. 'A Sun / Ahh Ahh' loses the listener with its extended, repetitive mid-song horn solo.

Tweak Bird's snippets of strangeness combine the experimentation of Kyuss with a psych-pop surrealism ('Stampeado' features a flute) and keeping the running time down might earn them a few art metal fans who are sick of being subjected to epics. Hopefully, their forthcoming debut album will feature more jumping drumlines, ala 'Stampeado,' and less heavily-looped jazz solos.



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