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Sex Is Fashion by Curry & Coco

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Reviewed on 29th May 2010.


Sex Is Fashion

By Curry & Coco

'Sex Is Fashion' is about as much cheesy, Eurodance synth-pop as it's possible to fit into one song. It's so unashamedly naff, it's actually pretty likeable. We can only hope that Curry & Coco had their tongues wedged firmly in their cheeks when they came up with the idea of throwing every synth under the sun together over the sound of someone yelping "sex is fashion!" like they believe they actually sound good doing so.

And the retro-tastic goodtimes continue with 'Who's Next?' The measured bleat of the synths doesn't bring that sense of so-rubbish-it's-good abandon that 'Sex Is Fashion' so rolls merrily in, but those cheese levels are kept sky high by the wonderfully camp chorus ("they say 'who's next?' / we say 'us!' / and if you disagree / well just get off the bus!")

It's virtually impossible to take this CD seriously, but it's equally impossible not to enjoy it. Tongue-in-cheek (we hope) electro-pop cheddar with more naff synths than any one person should have to hear in a lifetime. Curry & Coco might just be evil geniuses.



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