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Architects by Sound Of Guns

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Reviewed on 2nd June 2010.



By Sound Of Guns

Sound Of Guns continue to carve a niche for themselves as pedallers of earnest, stadium-rock anthems with added personality, with their latest single, 'Architects.'

'Architects' is a towering roar of impassioned, mainstream-friendly rock where everything is pushed to extremes: the vocals are bigger, the guitars are louder and the drums go off like heavy artillery. Impressive stuff, but sometimes this sort of in-your-face anthemic rock can feel a little 'easy.' Sound Of Guns seem to be aware of this, and are always looking for ways to put their own mark on the big, shiny, arena-rock sound. In 'Architects' this takes the form of a base of distorted guitars that spit and crackle beneath the song's crisp veneer. This distortion makes its presence particularly felt during the introduction, where it's just frontman Andy's voice and the grind of those guitars. 'Architects' is a masses-pleasing bellow, with its own unique character.

'Rack & Ruin' plays definite B-side to 'Architects' but, while it doesn't deliver the glossed headrush of the A-side, 'Rack & Ruin' still keeps the pedal firmly to the metal. And, of course, it's served with a quirky edge of static, giving 'Rack & Ruin' that roughened exterior that makes Sound Of Guns a far more credible, mainstream-rock band.

With this single, Sound Of Guns strip back one layer of anthemic rock's polish, to come up with a big, dramatic, urgent crowd-pleaser that could fill arenas without curling toes. Quite possibly, this Liverpool-based five-piece are on to something.



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