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Reviewed on 7th June 2010.



By Kinn

The main problem with the three songs that make up this EP, is that frontman Nikki's soulful voice, smooth vocal rhythms and naff pop-music lyrics ("right now you want me / right now you need me" etc.) are a bad fit for the steady, rock 'n roll chug of the music.

On EP-opener 'Want Me, Need Me' whatever edge the rest of the band have, is eroded by Nikki's easy-on-the-ears vocals. On second track 'Hole World Down' the vocals are once again like a thread of rich, chocolatey smooth pop in an otherwise stylish hard-rock song. However, this song does have some high points, as the brooding, pre-chorus build up sees Kinn briefly touch base with a darker sound, before launching into a foot-stamping chorus where Nikki swaps his rich warble for a more shouty style that suits 'Hole World Down' better. There's still a gap between Nikki's voice and the rest of the song, but 'Hole World Down' is a step in the right direction.

The EP comes to a close with 'All Alone,' which, after stumbling upon a vaguely hypnotic sway of slide-guitar and glistening chords in the intro, settles into the usual, limp rock-ballad furrow we've all heard a million times before.

Kinn's vocalist isn't a natural fit for the chuggy rock of 'Want Me, Need Me' and 'Hole World Down' although, on the latter, he does test-drive a shoutier style that's a better fit, and he would be well advised to make greater use of this in the future. This EP lays down some solid, modern rock foundations, but it lacks the hooks that would make it stand out from all the other technically good, but uninspiring, music out there. Frustratingly 'okay.'



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