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You And Your Revolution by Superbutt

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Reviewed on 11th June 2010.


You And Your Revolution

By Superbutt

This Hungarian five-piece do themselves no favours with their choices of band name and album-openers. First track 'Last Call' is the worst track on the entire album, delivering a blast of rip-roaring heavy metal and neat drum-rolls, and then lumbering itself with dated, nu-metal style rapping.

However, get through the questionable band name and the duff opening note, and 'You And Your Revolution' suddenly transforms into a non-stop heavy metal party. Like System of a Down, Superbutt manage to make heavy metal fun, without ever compromising on brutality. What really makes them interesting is their theatrical flair. At times, there's something vaguely symphonic metal about them, not least because their frontman has a habit of warbling like an opera singer, inbetween yammering nonsense in a manner Serj Tankian himself would be proud of.

'Killer' nails all of those elements, serving up a base of jigging, bouncing rhythms with a surface flourish of theatrical metal, finished off with gleefully bonkers vocals. Frontman Andras Voros ricochets between pop-influenced "whoa"s and "oh"s that fly in the face of every heavy metal convention; a bloodied, doom-metal roar; and some eager yapping. 'Killer' will have you torn between dancing like an idiot, head-banging, and making silly, dramatic hand gestures in time to this song's more outlandish flourishes.

And the fun continues, with the helter-skelter heavy metal of 'Figure.' While the rest of the band rattle on with reckless abandon, Voros warbles dramatically, in an unexpectedly brilliant combination you'll want to hear again and again. And Superbutt grant your wish, serving up one great track after another. 'Lift Her' has an apocalyptic, ear-bashing chorus, underpinned by those jigging, oddly danceable riffs Superbutt do so well. 'Lift Her' may be scraping your lug-holes raw, but they'll make you want to dance through the pain. In fact, those drums bound along with such hapless enthusiasm, you may even want to be really uncool, and clap along.

The bone-crunching 'Blisters' is 'You And Your Revolution's heaviest moment. Of course, this being Superbutt, beneath the blood-curdling vocals and scathing riffs, is a base of jigging guitars designed to get your dancing feet twitching. By all rights, this sort of brutal heavy metal shouldn't have such a groovy underlying melody.

Superbutt shrug off their last vestige of self control, for the gleefully unhinged title track 'You And Your Revolution.' This song is a juddering mass of riffs that shunt and shake like they're not quite in control of themselves, and Voros is at his most theatrical, clearly revelling in the role of demented ring-leader to this jazzed-up, heavy metal circus. 'Gone Far' is the only track that gives 'You And Your Revolution' a run for its money, in terms of drama. Lashing drumbeats, shelves of ever-more dramatic riffing and Voros' gasping vocals propel 'Gone Far' to dizzying, breathless heights of high drama. This song has all the flair of symphonic metal, with none of the cheesiness. Two roof-raising album highlights.

However, Superbutt aren't invincible: they do slip from their pedestal when it comes to 'With Nails' and 'Mothers' Day.' On any other album, these two songs would be jaw-dropping, but they have the bad luck of being surrounded by tracks that take the jigging riffs and madman's vocals blueprint, and play it with the giddiness and flair that these two songs lack. Technically strong songs, but they feel dull in the context of the album.

Apparently, Superbutt are already stars in Hungarian and, after listening to this album, it's easy to understand why. Voros has a unique bass voice and a mischievous, eclectic singing style that pumps every song full of character, and Superbutt's sheer energy and enthusiasm makes this album the most fun you'll ever have listening to heavy metal.



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