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Cynic's First Choice by Starkitten

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Reviewed on 1st June 2001.


Cynic's First Choice

By Starkitten

Starkitten serve up a peculiar mixture of straight down the middle Rock / "I know that riff from somewhere" Punk / Ride 'em cowboy Rockabilly and all with a clear Pop sensibility. This CD contains 4 "could be" excellent tracks. Once listened too enough, each track has something about it to hold your attention, but maybe Starkitten lack that final crunch to take them to the next level. In a drastic move that will have the Reviewers Union up in arms I am going to start with track two as it is a prime example of what I am getting at. Elegant Teen starts with a riff that would have even the novice player reaching for their air guitar....yes yes yes this is going to kick aa.....oh no it isn't, where did that beat come from? That's not right is it?...ooh here's the riff again yes yes...oh no it's gone again.

Starkitten's method of grilling the same riff over and over again works to a degree and all the tracks display some degree of repetition. The only problem with this is that the lack of dynamics in Starkitten means that all too often the differences between the songs are too subtle to have any immediate grasp on the listener. Track 3 EWTKYN too often sound like the off cuts from Superstalker and True Star makes an initial attempt to throw something new in with a tremolo effect being used on the main riff but it is soon lost under the same 4/4 beat. Whether at times this is down to the production quality and not enough separation between the guitars sounds, it maybe possible. But you can't help feeling that if Starkitten could keep their recognisable sound but just break away from their playing style every so often, it would do them a lot of good.

Starkitten have the ability to sit comfortably in the 'cult' band bracket and it's easy to imagine Lord J Peel mumbling something about them as he has them in session. All the right ingredients are there, it is to be hoped that they taste even better the longer they are left to mature.



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