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Dead Before Dawn by This Human Disease

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Reviewed on 19th July 2010.


Dead Before Dawn

By This Human Disease

Deathcore vocals are always difficult to pull off; mainly because if you aren't churning out a suffocating torrent of riffs, Lamb of God-style, then the vocalist ends up sounding like he's trying far, far too hard. This is one of the major problems with This Human Disease: they aren't musically dense enough to make frontman Richard Oswin sound scary.

EP-opener 'G.T.F.U' does have a stylish swagger and plenty of doomy beats, but it's far too sparse for Oswin's Randy Blythe impression, and the sudden, Linkin Park style rapping that materialises out of nowhere towards the end of the song is just wrong, on every level. Thankfully, this is the EP's lowest point. 'Viral' is more riff-packed and, even though it isn't particularly original, that one, long groan of guitars fills the white space up nicely. With a little more support from the rest of the band, Oswin proves himself to be a competent deathcore vocalist, particularly during the closing moments, where the guitarist serves up some headbang-friendly chugging.

'Never Coming Back' sees This Human Disease return to the sparseness of 'G.T.F.U,' but Oswin trades the deathcore throat-shredding, for clean vocals, which means this isn't an issue. The interplay between the clean vocals and the smattering of deathcore vocals is obvious - and you'll suspect a little Slipknot worshipping is going on here - but there's also some roughened guitar lines, doomy bass and a well-executed guitar solo. Basically, this is the sound of a band finding their feet. This Human Disease have been together for under a year, and this song - and, indeed, this EP - reflects that.

The major problem with This Human Disease is that they can't make enough noise to support Oswin's overpowering deathcore howl. Only on the bulkier 'Viral,' do his demonic-possession vocals sound convincing, and you have to wonder whether This Human Disease need to recruit a second guitarist. Considering the short time This Human Disease have been together, this is an encouraging start, but there's still a long way to go.



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