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Naked Remedy by Naked Remedy

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Reviewed on 21st July 2010.


Naked Remedy

By Naked Remedy

Naked Remedy take us back to the 70's with their debut EP. 'Remedy' and 'Freedom' are no frill's 70's rock, played with a charismatic nonchalance and finished off with the bluesy holler of frontman Dave Small. 'Remedy' is the more energetic of the two, boasting some jangly beats on a chorus that's oiled-up with plenty of slide-guitar. However, even during 'Remedy's most vibrant moment - the chorus - that energy is toned down with plenty of stylishly languid riffs. Naked Remedy don't even seem to be breaking a sweat. 'Freedom' updates things a little, by introducing a juddery underlying guitar line which becomes more pronounced as 'Freedom' builds to its hard-rock flavoured conclusion: but this song still has the 70's written all over it.

'Low Down' sees Naked Remedy wear another of their influences brazenly on their sleeves, with a central riff that reeks of Queens of The Stone Age. Minimal and repetitive, this song proves you can get away with repeating the same hook over and over again, if what you're repeating is good enough.

Naked Remedy set themselves a challenge with their choice of EP closer by covering The Source/Candi Staton's 'You Got The Love.' Giving this track a garage rock makeover may sound like the recipe for a musical disaster, but Naked Remedy manage to put a convincing soulful spin on 'You Got The Love.' This cover is an absolute blast to listen to.

At its heart, this is a collection of solid, simple and repetitive riffs and vocals, but the retro appeal of 70's rock, combined with the band's laidback attitude, means this EP is a real grower. Even if you're not a fan of 70's rock, this is worth a listen just for the novelty of a garage rock version of 'You Got The Love.'



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