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The Shooting Star EP by The Idol Dead

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Reviewed on 31st August 2010.


The Shooting Star EP

By The Idol Dead

If you are hoping to impress a girl by saving an independent record shop from a corporate takeover, The Idol Dead have got a song called shooting star which sounds like the bad songs from 'Generation Terrorists,' and it would make a great soundtrack for the bit at the end where you dance together on the roof. At first, I thought they couldn't possibly be serious and that it was a sort of post- modern joke, like a slightly funnier version of The Darkness, which isn't difficult as The Darkness were about as funny as child mortality. But NO! They really mean it. They've got another song called, I kid you not, 'Church of Pain', which lacks only someone in a wheelchair shouting 'Timmy!' over the top to make it the ABSOLUTE BEST SONG EVER. It's easy to poke fun at people who have cut off denim jackets with Bon Jovi and Wildhearts patches sown on the back, and it is fun too, which is why I am doing it. However, while The Idol Dead (do you see what they did there?) might look like a sort of learning disabled Motley Crue playing a bubblegum metal pastiche at the end of the worst/best ever episode of the mighty boosh, and while they are indisputably, cluelessly crap in every possible way that a band could be, you can't fault them for sincerity, which is more than can be said for scenesterish little indie dickheads like me and all the bands that I listen to.

Do you know how Christians are convinced they will have the last laugh when they get to go to heaven? Well with The Idol Dead it is actually true. They don't care how cheesy they are because they are going to rampage around the world in a lurid pink and green transit van powered by lager and sex magic, cavorting with groupies that look like the singer out of Twisted Sister and throwing aeroplanes out of hotel room windows, while the rest of us are back home with our good record collections and our spiteful, petty little superiority. I wish I could go with them. It looks like a lot of fun.



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On 2nd September 2010 at 19:19 Anonymous 8049 wrote...

Bless you Morrisey, and all your little clones.

Just for reference, as this Swells Wannabe has omitted it from his comprehensive review, the album is The Shooting Star EP (it's written on it and everything) and the 'funny' song is called Church of Hate - I kid you not.


On 2nd September 2010 at 19:28 Dave LMS wrote...

I've added the EP title to the article.


On 2nd September 2010 at 20:11 Anonymous 8051 wrote...

If you enjoy slightly useless jokes from the early 90's then you are sure to enjoy this review.

Overall I give it 4 stars.


On 2nd September 2010 at 20:26 Anonymous 8049 wrote...

Cheers Dave!

That many Rou? I would say 3, very derivative of Steve Wells, but without the humour, Like the bad reviews from late 80s NME ;-)

Not a fan of rock I feel, which is fair enough, but to put one of Britain's greatest living song writers (Ginger Wildheart) in the same bracket as Iron Maiden shows a stunning lack of music savvy.


On 3rd September 2010 at 09:27 Anonymous 8056 wrote...

What an prize tit this reviewer is. Where do they find these idiots to do reviews? He can't even get the song names correct and just seems to want to "poke fun" at rock fans rather than comment on the music.


On 3rd September 2010 at 10:30 Anonymous 8053 wrote...

I agree. It's a stupid/pointless review. I personally hate indie scenesters


On 3rd September 2010 at 10:35 Anonymous 8058 wrote...

Dear, oh dear, oh dear...

This reminds of my days as a DJ when fellow DJs used to complete their feedback forms (on promotional music) without even listening to it; basically making up a review and hoping it was vague enough to go unnoticed as a crock of sh*t.

School boy error getting the track name wrong. That said, I like the idea of a sickly green transit van for the band. Polly, grab the latest Autotrader, you've a new project to undertake!


On 3rd September 2010 at 12:46 Anonymous 8050 wrote...

I think the only indisputable thing is what a moron this reviewer is... i know they let anyone write for LMS these days.. Mike Whatever - go and listen to Foals, or whoever NME says you should listen to this week..


On 4th September 2010 at 19:35 Anonymous 3919 wrote...

People are free to submit reviews and you're free to make your comments. I like it that way.


On 5th September 2010 at 07:38 Anonymous 7994 wrote...

come on, be fair, i said some positive things too, and i actually meant them.


On 5th September 2010 at 07:39 Anonymous 7994 wrote...

btw, iron maiden are miles better than the wildhearts.



On 5th September 2010 at 21:01 Anonymous 8049 wrote...

No, they aren't, not even close.

Not even in an indie scenester's wet dream.


On 6th September 2010 at 03:14 Anonymous 7994 wrote...

we're gonna have to agree to disagree on that one. both good fun though.
i didn't actually mention iron maiden in the review. anyway, let's compare apples and oranges next!


On 6th September 2010 at 11:09 Anonymous 8050 wrote...

I know a lot of Idol Dead fans who would love to stick apples and oranges up your arse... along with your Belle and Sabastian albums...


On 6th September 2010 at 12:18 Dave LMS wrote...

I love Belle & Sebastian. I also liked Phluid - but haven't yet heard The Idol Dead which I intend to do because I reckon I might enjoy them.


On 6th September 2010 at 12:50 Anonymous 8049 wrote...

Now, now Mr Rocker, everyone is entitled to an opinion without the threat of fruit-based violation.

As Dave points out, there's no such thing as bad press.


On 6th September 2010 at 17:16 Anonymous 7994 wrote...

look, don't be so literal minded! the people in the band have obviously taken this in the spirit it is intended, and so should other rock fans. i used to be a bit cut off denim jacket meself you know-our scenes have got more in common than you might think. and if you actually READ the review i did point out that these guys were more fun and more sincere than exactly the kind of scenester posturing my own scene is diseased with.
have you seen the anvil documentary? this is like that. if you aim this sort of thing at the people who are interested in it, it is still huge and you can have a good career. but the mainstream are always gonna take the piss out of it im afraid, just like they are out of us indie bedwetters. if i sent a cd of the whatevers to metal hammer, what do you think would happen?
calm down, relax, music is supposed to be fun! for the record the idol dead are obviously good at what they do and have a lot of potential which is why i gave it THREE LITTLE SODDING STARS OUT OF FIVE. at the end of ther day, a frank discussion of how music taste is subjective and a point by point discussion of the chord sequences would have been totally boring. the review has promoted discussion, so it did it's job.
finally, if you read the tigercats review, you will see i apply exactly the same mickey taking style to reviews of bands i love to bits playing exactly my sort of music. you've got the wrong end of the right stick.


On 6th September 2010 at 19:20 Anonymous 8049 wrote...

Just for the record, I don't have a cut-off denim jacket.

On a more serious note, I don't belong to a 'scene' either, and neither does anyone in my band. Barriers are there for people who need them, and I don't.

I like to play big, noisy rock n roll, and I dress in a way that I feel comfortable, but musically I'm down with whatever sounds good.

I've enjoyed all the debate this review has generated, and anything that gets people taking about music is ok with me.



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