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Easter Island by Tigercats

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Reviewed on 2nd September 2010.


Easter Island

By Tigercats

This song has got a very bouncy intro and if Tigercats work really hard and suck up to just the right sort of people, it could be on the telly one day. I would think it would be perfect for a bit on the Inbetweeners where the mongy one with the glasses is really happy because his mum decided not to have sex with all his friends or something. Or possibly it would make a good tune for behind a yoghurt advert where a girl is a bit down in the dumps but then she eats a yoghurt and everybody wants to marry her. Doop! Doop! Doop de doop doop! You know the sort of thing. It would be cloyingly chirpy, but Tigercats have very cleverly recorded it on a piece of string so the twee- ness is offset by the lovely lo fi -ness.

All told this single could only be any better if it came with free drugs cellotaped to the cover. I was going to give it infinity out of ten but I am knocking points off because they were too cheap to send me a proper copy instead of a sucky soundcloud link. I am only doing this for the free records guys. Still, an altogether respectable nine hundred billion, sixty three thousand and seventy two out of ten for this one.



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