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Blueprint For A Better Time by Above Them

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Reviewed on 2nd October 2010.


Blueprint For A Better Time

By Above Them

As soon as previous single 'For Those Who Paved The Way' kicks in you know this is going to be a great album. The Pontefract trio's latest release 'Blueprint for A Better Time' is their first album, and an awesome start it is. There is a definite influence of Hot Water Music with a hint of Foo Fighters and a great big nod to fellow Tykes Milloy, with insanely catchy hooks, gruff vocals and winding melodies. First EP 'Put Your Heart Into This' sounded more like early Biffy Clyro; but the guys are now growing more and more into melodic punk rock whereas Biffy have lost the hardcore plot...

It's hard to believe that there are only 3 guys making the tunes on this album, the layering of sound makes you believe there's more band members hiding about somewhere! The lyrics are beyond their young bands years too, examples of which are "Each life is a back seat drive..." from 'Secrets Of The Original Beerbox', and "Are your fingertips tingling with the sense of being ordinary?" from 'For Those Who Paved The Way'.

I love any music where the accent has not been disguised; save for example when the influence of American music makes some British people sing with a twinge, but not this band, they are Yorkshire to the core! So that's gruff Yorkshire vocals, challenging guitar hooks, thumping drums with sharp bass, constantly changing from swaying melodies to harsh choruses. I've seen these guys live a few times and they put their all in, whether there's a room full or just ten people watching, and with a constant touring schedule I hope it's not long before everyone else catches onto this Northern trio, as they deserve it.

Stand out tracks are 'For Those Who Paved The Way', 'This Complex Life', and 'Keep Smiling', the latter a real anthem in the making.



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