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Innerspeaker by Tame Impala

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Reviewed on 3rd October 2010.



By Tame Impala

Who? Tame Impala are a psychedelic rock band hailing from Perth, Australia. Relatively unknown in the UK compared to their Australian counterparts such as Wolfmother and Jet, the group have built a significant following back home, and already have three No.1 singles in their homeland under their belts.

On first listen to 'Innerspeaker,' you might be forgiven for believing John Lennon has returned from the grave for one last psychedelic outing. However, repeat listens of 'Innerspeaker' reveal that these young Aussies have a lot more to offer than a few Sgt. Pepper's b-sides. Whilst 'Innerspeaker' doesn't immediately jump out at you and pull you in, it is an album that you can sit back and enjoy, getting lost in a world of swirling guitars laden with a series of delays, phasers and various distortions. The band make good use of stereo as the guitars drift from one speaker to the other and one or two puffs on a spliff might even help you envisage travelling back in time to the 60's. As the tambourines and shakers come and go, Parker's dreamy reverb soaked vocals float effortlessly over the music and create a real ambience and atmosphere that seems rather absent in today's world of rock.

Despite the impressive nature of this debut, it's difficult to escape the fact that, for the most part, it's all been done before. 'Innerspeaker' doesn't sound modern, and any unsuspecting listener will be surprised to hear that the album was in fact recorded and released in the 21st century. Nevertheless, those looking for something new to drift off to will discover that 'Innerspeaker' is a great album to space out to and leave your earthly worries behind.



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