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How to be Humble by Proud Proud People

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Reviewed on 13th October 2010.


How to be Humble

By Proud Proud People

Firstly, I have to say: I love this album! It's only got seven tracks, so album, EP, whatever it is: I love it!

Secondly, I must admit that this has all made me a little depressed. I've only just started reviewing CDs, and I fear my career may very well have peaked a little early.

I was very excited, and a little apprehensive about starting writing reviews, but all that excitement is now but a hollow shell. The memory of it is grey and tarnished, like ash in my mouth, and I can't think about it without wanting to rip my balls off and post them immediately to this band's care-of address. My life is overshadowed and I am emasculated by the terrible truth!

Take note Leeds: the bar has been well and truly raised. We, and I include myself in this, have been given a harsh lesson by these kids from Sandbach, and can only take stock and try to move on with the rest of our lives as best we can.

But oh! What a beautiful and horrifying lesson it is.

Okay, okay, let's not all go burning our instruments, snapping our pens and castrating ourselves quite yet... I may have been a little purple in my prose just then, and perhaps I over-egged the hyperbole-omelette a weeny bit, but you get the point: this is better than anything I've heard in a long while. It takes a lot for me to get excited about new music - I look at the charts and want to publicly soil myself in protest; anything to distract at least some attention away from that stream of execrable toss, fired un-endingly from the pulsating, blue-veined industry cock - but rest assured, if I used my iPod, this album, EP, whatever would be going on it.

This is a brand of melancholy, beautiful, upbeat, downbeat, soulful, poignant and downright catchy indie-folk-pop that I've caught slight glimpses of in things like Sigur Ros; perhaps it's the uplifting brass sections, though it's much less orchestral in its delivery. It also reminds me a little of First Aid Kit, but with a more upbeat and indie vibe.

That kind of explains my next mental leap - that being that one of the vocals is often delivered in a low, colloquial boom, and brings to mind The Futureheads for some reason, even though their vocals aren't anywhere near as bassy and they're Mackems.

The brass section brings the whole thing alive, and I defy you not to enjoy it!

Whatever, these cheeky buggers are playing Escobar on 15th October in Leeds, and unless my legs drop off, I'll be there too... possibly to show my support... probably to tell them that they've ruined everyone's lives.



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