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14:11 / Everyone To The Dancemat by Kill Cassidy

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Reviewed on 14th October 2010.


14:11 / Everyone To The Dancemat

By Kill Cassidy

This double A-side single is a competent and well-executed double-whammy of alt-rock, rounded off with an easy-on-the-ears shimmer, and complete with a vocalist who can hit some sweet high notes - when he isn't pushing himself too hard.

'14:11' is a solid slab of alt-rock, which gets a helping hand courtesy of an energetic drumline and a veneer of glimmery chords. However, frontman Tim Sensation's efforts to sing falsetto on the chorus are more likely to set your teeth on edge than have you singing along, and the sparse lyrics do nothing to drive the chorus home. The plus points and the negative aspects balance each other out: '14:11' is inoffensive, but you won't be hankering after another listen.

Thankfully, 'Everyone To The Dancemat' fairs better. The marching drumbeats and sparkling chords make a reappearance, plus a much stronger vocal performance from Tim Sensation. He even manages to cut off his falsetto before the strain starts to become audible, restraining it to a quirky and appealing lilt. 'Everyone To The Dancemat' seems to be building towards a finale of sweeping guitar and there's the sense that Kill Cassidy are finally going to stop being okay, and start being good. However, they then inexplicably back out and return to the tried-and-tested combo of glimmery chords and marching drums. Ultimately, there's nothing particularly wrong with either song on this CD, but both are sorely missing that memorable lyric or riff, and there's a frustrating sense of wasted momentum when it comes to the closing moments of 'Everyone To The Dancemat.'



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