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Comedy of Menace by Terrence Fixmer

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Reviewed on 15th October 2010.


Comedy of Menace

By Terrence Fixmer

Home cooking is reassuring, even when it is slightly over cooked, or with too much of one spice, it still satisfies and you will always want more. Not a comparison I expected to come up with when listening to techno, but this is French techno. But this is not high class posh nosh that comes in small portions, this is thick and wholesome that you have had and enjoyed before.

The large rippling bass underbelly with a variety of simple beats over the top mark this as deep tech house, and it is no surprise that Chris Liebing had him remix some of his tracks for his last release.

Familiarity comes from some of the sounds that keep the mind interested. Old trip hop compilations used some of these noises, or maybe they are familiar from somewhere else. It stays pleasant, but not boring. In fact with Track 2 coming in at under 3 minutes, our Terrence is clearly aware of how to maintain interest, and is not afraid to keep the tacks short if needs be. Not often that happens with dance music. There is variety throughout the album with track 3 using the simple idea of cymbals fighting to syncopate a drawn out pulse, rather than the well used repetitive high hat.

Any of these tracks could easily be used to darken a straight house set or add vibrancy to a tech set, but here all together they fit nicely and are much more harmless. Track 8 starts lurching towards the harder side of techno, but always pulls itself back. With no vocal lines, or cheap hooks this is definitely clubbers' music.

Comedy, in this case does not mean a punch line, just a constant boom boom. No jokes, just well cooked homely house music.



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