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Rock 'n Roll Circus: A Collection of Calamity Vol 2 by Various Artists

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Reviewed on 8th November 2010.


Rock 'n Roll Circus: A Collection of Calamity Vol 2

By Various Artists

Sounding like the opening credits to a daytime TV program about property, 'A Collection of Calamity: Vol 2' starts as it means to carry on. And much in the same vein as the first CD, this is some of Leeds' foremost pop acts, with a couple of other genres thrown in for variety.

Clearly targeting the student market, with hand drawn stylised artwork, and a fold poster/info sheet inside. This compilation has some of the better known names on the Leeds scene, including former cover stars of Vibrations, and many that have filled a feature or two on LMS and No title, mixed in with some that are less well known as yet, creating a good balance. Already I have looked up a couple of the bands on the CD.

As an overall CD it lacks the flow of the first, with the last couple of tracks (the token metal and RnB tracks) creating an unintentional comedy moment with their clash. Maybe getting the balance of variety versus style was harder this time, but this compilation is an excellent way of easily getting to hear a lot of bands you will read about.

Without being specific about the bands, several tracks have the feel of the late 70's punk and new romantics records. Susie and the Banshees, the Cure and Sham 69 are comparisons that could be used at different points on the CD. That may reflect on the studio's equipment or on the sound they can, or are wanting to create. Track 6 makes the classic mastering error of having the guitar too loud in the mix, so when the bass starts the guitar sound has to suddenly drop in the mix. A bad advert for any studio.

Coming with the CD is a fold out A3 sheet, giving a review of LS6 for strangers, someone's whinge about bands who don't create an original style (on a pop CD without the next big thing, this is tantamount to biting the hand that feeds) and an interview with Lasse Brawn. Sadly the latter is the sort of thing teenage boys may find funny after a brightly coloured alco pop and half a cider, but is just a bit embarrassing when printed out. A nice idea, badly executed.

Success can be judged from the interest in the bands this creates and the sustained or increased brand recognition of the Rock n Roll Circus. As a CD it is well worth listening to.

Can compilations have a difficult second album? Go on make a third, forth and more. This deserves to become a series.



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