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As Tides Change by Transgression

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Reviewed on 14th November 2010.


As Tides Change

By Transgression

Transgression set out to impress with the flesh-crawling instrumental intro of aptly-named 'Intro,' unleashing a barrage of classy heavy metal where each tightly-controlled riff reverberates through to your bone marrow and the measured pace seeps menace. This brooding soundscape is painted with a cinematic flourish that promises some larger-than-life shenanigans, and Transgression don't disappoint - although there are a few hiccups along the way.

First 'proper' track 'As Tides Change' feels like a band getting into their stride, occasionally straying into a sludge of dueling vocals and riffs that seem to have absolutely nothing to do with one another. But, for every slip-up, there's plenty of metal-with-added-epic-ness. Not content with epic metal, Transgression mix in hardcore elements, bringing out breakdowns that will give fans ample opportunity to exercise their neck muscles when this is played live.

Factor out the ill-judged deathcore vocal and 'From Grace' is an unforgiving barrage of shattered vocals and frantic guitar-mangling, at times becoming so extreme and twisted it verges on spazzcore. 'From Grace' would be an EP highlight, if it wasn't for the deathcore vocal and, unfortunately, this isn't the only time it crops up - it also makes an appearance on 'These Scars I Bear.' Always a difficult vocal to pull off, if 'These Scars I Bear' and 'From Grace' are anything to go by, it's also one Transgression should avoid at all costs. Why they felt the need to include additional vocals, when they boast a hardcore vocalist who sounds like he's one breath away from asphyxiating himself, is anybody's guess. Relegating the hardcore vocal to secondary status means that Transgression seriously lose their edge on 'These Scars I Bear.'

Thankfully, there's no hint of deathcore on 'Promises,' where Transgression soundtrack the apocalypse. After a galloping build-up of frothing-at-the-mouth vocals laced with technical guitars, Transgression unleash some of the most tormented breakdowns you're ever likely to hear, complete with a sweeping, cinematic flourish. A barely-fits-through-your-speakers EP highlight.

This is a tight, terrifying cesspit of brutal hardcore-metal. If they drop the misplaced stabs at deathcore, Transgression have the potential to become your new favourite, no-nonsense hardcore ear-manglers.



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