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Experience of Malfunction by Chicken Lips

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Reviewed on 17th November 2010.


Experience of Malfunction

By Chicken Lips

Hello again my fine opinion seekers. It's taken me a whole two weeks to put myself in a chair and write about Chicken Lips LP 'Experience of Malfunction'.. every time I press play on this record my whole world melts away as two purple bird-like cat women emerge from my speakers and demand that I dance like Har-mar superstar whilst... I have since lowered my medication and have been able to calmly work through this.

This album is amazing, I didn't think you could make semi-minimal disco funk without it being so hipster it's out of date before you get to finish your sentence - somehow Chicken Lips have taken all my favourite elements from funk-forgottens Plant Life (who are prince but without the retro) and rammed it into the Kelly Polar Quartet while Mr Scruff looked on in amusement.. I promised I wouldn't do comparison reviews... blast...

I went to a party last week where those who were at the beginning arrived in fancy dress costume, and those who arrived much, much later, were not. There was a random of assortment of 'cool' costumes, but mainly animals or anything else Noel Fielding has ever left in his bed pan, notably there was this one girl in the corner of the room who was dressed as a bear, sat on the bed totally mutted out of her tree, mumbling about being on a shelf and not knowing where she left her other toys. The party was well into its second wind and the image of a rolly polly bear and a whole load of party goers is the exact situation Chicken Lips are perfect for. Disco Funk, but disco funk that knows it isn't a face chewing bear and is willing to reward you for it. Outstanding rhythms that change enough to make it interesting but not so often that your attention span is that of an acid house promoter - and the best bit, on the tracks that have vocals, they feel like a warm hook that pulls you up out of the cold, slaps a smile on your face and shakes your knees till you're dancing harder than the last time you spiked yourself at oceana.

Just when I thought dance was wanky nonsense, Chicken Lips go and bust a move like this. Bloody brilliant.

Song to make you look cool : 'Loty.'

Song to convince the other person to take their shirt off: 'She Fish.'



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