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Whiskey & Wool by Josh Bray

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Reviewed on 15th December 2010.


Whiskey & Wool

By Josh Bray

What can I say about Josh Bray? Well, not a lot seeing as this is a four track EP, of which one is a cover of a Led Zeppelin song.

I'm still giving him four out of five though, and balls to the lot of you. For a start, he's got a voice most people (myself included) would kill for. For seconds, the kid can belt out a nice, melodic and well written tune on the old wood and strings. And for thirds: 'cause fuck you - that's why!

The first song is called 'River Song,' and while the title is hardly original, the execution is tippedy top. The reverb is just so, the strummy guitar production covers the whole hertz spectrum with clarity and, as has been mentioned, the vocal line is fan-fucking-tastic (which is an example of tmesis, you know). Also, the violin is set pleasantly below the main melody and backs it up perfectly, and the piano / electric piano (?) emphasises the tune nicely too.

Track two follows on in the same style as the first. It's a finger-picking deal this time: the melody is great; violins suffuse the melody with melancholy and yet with hope; the lyrics play along nicely... What more could you want? Folk and country crossed, at its very best.

Track three doesn't float my boat quite as much - it's straight folk-country rock, and is almost a direct parody of Counting Crows - but it's still a good track, and Josh's vocals pull it back from the abyss, in the same way that Adam Duritz's do so often.

Track four is an impersonation of Counting Crows covering Led Zeppelin's 'That's The Way.' Sorry, but no dice.

Still, the three tracks he wrote himself are all winners, so this is going on my play list... I just made one recently. Go technology!!



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