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Nothing At All EP by Milf

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Reviewed on 1st July 2002.


Nothing At All EP

By Milf

Milf are a three-piece Bradford band and have been plying their trade for over 4 years now, since they were 14, and bring us a truly fantastic four-track EP. Not a typical Bradford band producing worthless drivel, this band is a credit to the scene. Taking influence from Radiohead, JJ72 and Muse, their music can be described as rock with a melodic difference. The opening track "Nothing at All" shows off their songwriting skills to full effect. The vocal qualities of Matt Higgins are superb. He has such a wide range, which only compliments the music further. The same could be said about the guitar work, which is cleverly thought out and has a variety of clean and distorted sounds.

The next track, "This Chance Is Mine", uses acoustic guitar in the verses which brings an almost indie feel to it. The chorus is far from indie, with its hard distorted guitar and falsetto vocals. The thing that sets the band out from the rest though is their ability to create catchy choruses. This track, in my opinion would be the single from the EP as it has a certain something about it. Excellent. The third track, "Remember", is a live favourite, which has the crowd buzzing from the minute it starts. The fourth track is of their manager Terry snoring over a 1 minute piece of music!

The quality of the recording is superb and brings the songs to life. This band is a true inspiration to any young 14 year old that picks up a guitar and gets into his/her own band. Don't give up.



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