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Only In Youth by In Gratitude

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Reviewed on 22nd January 2011.


Only In Youth

By In Gratitude

In Gratitude's frontman Matthew Guttridge's light voice is the delicious, gooey pop centre of this guilty-pleasure EP. Whether his voice is drifting through the stirring indie-rock of 'Prosperity,' or echoing through the heady alt-pop of 'In All Dishonesty,' it always adds some teeth-rotting goodness to the In Gratitude experience.

In Gratitude are musically a pretty uncomplicated band, but they prove that simple doesn't always have to mean boring; the relentless, sparkly strum of alt-pop gem 'Delirious' is particularity hypnotic. Meanwhile, 'Prosperity' pedals the sort of sticky-centred, hazy-around-the-edges indie-pop balladry we've heard a million times before, and plays it particularly safe, opting for a space-filling swirl of guitars rather than a proper, anthemic indie-rock climax but, thanks to lashings of sticky pop melodies and honeyed vocals, this is also a very guilty pleasure.

'Always' and 'In All Dishonesty' take that dreamy, vague approach to pop perfection. 'Always' is the sort of gorgeous musical haze that was made for Guttridge's breathy voice. 'In All Dishonesty' is basically 'Always,' only smothered in echoes to create a seamless tumble of melt-in-the-mouth pop melodies. For the finishing touch, Guttridge occasionally drops his voice and warbles out a low, warning note that gives this doe-eyed pop song a wicked edge. An EP highlight.

'Moving On' offers some insight into what a sugar-free version of In Gratitude would sound like. Stripping things back to Guttridge's vocals and uneven drumming, In Gratitude seem to be going for the quirky angle, and it doesn't work. The band briefly get into the swing of things for the closing minute, colouring in the blank spaces with buzzing distortion and cracking out those arena-bothering staples of foot-stamping drums, anthemic guitar lines and multiple vocals. But then it's over and you remember just how dull the rest of this song was.

'Only In Youth' brings nothing new to the table but, armed with lashings of glittering pop melodies and a frontman with a sublime voice, In Gratitude coax you into falling under their spell. A guilty pleasure.



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