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You Can Wait by Various Artists

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Reviewed on 9th February 2011.


You Can Wait

By Various Artists

You can wait. It's another indiepop song for you to dance along to with your mates. Emma yelps about relay- aytion -ships as they disintegrate. They're not trying to consolidate the successes of their album, cos no one really paid for it and downloading is great. Standard Fare, a band I've often seen in magazines, mainly run by fans, and no one understands why all the indie bands signed to the SPC don't get in the NME, it's an absolute disgrace, but if the singer put more make up on her face, and the guitarist wasn't bald, more indie kids would know what they are called.

This one's a bit clouded with guitars, and Emma's broken heart is being drowned, I preferred the clarity of sound on the earlier releases, the drummer goes to pieces when they play, but nevermind cos Standard Fare are great. The standard bearers in the indiepop wars, the leaders of the cause, tomorrow we take London now we own the North. If only for a bit more ambition than little indie schmindie limited editions seven inches. Standard Fare are guestlist bitches! They deserve a little more than several column inches, if I could grant their wishes, I'd wash their dirty dishes, I'd tell the pair of them I understand exactly how they feel. We don't want record deals, we just want our boyfriends and our girlfriends to be...nice to us.

Sorry about that. Sometimes the rapping werewolf just rises up, and I can't contain him. Standard Fare are from Sheffield and they are the second best band in indie behind Shrag.



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