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Kandy Kaine by Knock Out Kaine

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Reviewed on 16th March 2011.


Kandy Kaine

By Knock Out Kaine

With riffs to rival Slash, and vocals that seem to have just leapt out from a Guns N Roses record, this EP has a great rocking, metal feel to it. After a few plays, I am happily singing away to it.

When listening to Knock Out Kaine, it's easy to picture them on the stage at a summer festival, with their anethmic songs and catchy melodies. Looking at their website, the photo promotes a "Don't give a f**k" attitude as do the sounds, which is pleasing to the listener, and works in their favour.

The first track on the EP is 'Little Crystal,' a heavy guitar, drum pounding song with vocals as big as the guitars. Singing about a girl, telling the story of this girl, the way they did it in the 80s. A typical rock love song. "My little Crystal, makes me feel fine." As does this song.

Second track 'Coming Home' is a slower, acoustic song. A strumming guitar sets the scene of a lonely touring life, while his girl is waiting back at home for his return. The slower pace, would have lighters in the air, and is a nice break from the heavy riffs, as the instruments kick in later in the track.

The final track on the EP 'Going Down' is another catchy song, full of more infectious guitar riffs, and powerful lyrics. This is impressive for the 2008 winners of Kerrang's best newcomer award.

They have just completed a tour with Alder's Appetite, which is the band featuring ex GnR guitarist, Steve Alder, which must have been the perfect support slot for the four piece, who are still in their 20s, but are set to make themselves known and as Knock Out Kaine's website states, "Rock like F**K".

With a few shows coming up in the next few months, hopefully they will continue touring hard and rocking even harder to make it as big as their guitars sound. A brilliant EP, which should be turned up to 11.



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