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Someday Soon by Alexi Murdoch

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Reviewed on 17th March 2011.


Someday Soon

By Alexi Murdoch

Alexi Murdoch is probably best known for the use of his songs on film soundtracks. The most impressive example was the use of his songs for the Sam Mendes film 'Away We Go' which, when combined with Murdoch's songs, is a masterpiece of cinema and of representing reality in film. Following the triumph of the 'Away We Go' soundtrack follows the single 'Someday Soon,' a track which shows the development of Murdoch's style as a singer-songwriter.

The track opens with Murdoch's signature picking style which creates a folk style from the off with a drone underneath a simple guitar melody. Then we encounter Murdoch's unique lyric style which works together with the guitar melody, stating simple honest ideas about life and reinforcing normality with the inevitability around us, such as the lyric 'where I live it gets dark at night.' This is paralleled later in the verse with the lyrics 'Mother I'd be lying If I didn't tell you I'm afraid of dying,' something so human and honest in lyrics that makes Murdoch easy to connect with. 'I hope that kindness comes your way' is another lyric that leaps out of the song with such simple beauty and something people don't seem to be saying to each other a lot these days. Murdoch seems to remind us that perhaps life is simpler than we perceive.

The song grows texturally with the inclusion of female harmony vocals after the first verse and the addition of a simple percussion and piano backing that follows the picking pattern with gentle ease, understating the lyrics in a way that just makes things concise and to the point.

Murdoch is a talented songwriter who can lock into emotion without making a big deal about the situations life throws our way.



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