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Situation Fulfilled by Depth

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Reviewed on 26th March 2011.


Situation Fulfilled

By Depth

When Norwich quartet, 'Depth', start their debut album with 'Built By One', a listener might develop a sense of indifference to the band- this is perfectly competent post-hardcore, but nowhere in its 3 minutes and 47 seconds running time does it really challenge the genre boundaries, and in a scene as over saturated as the one they occupy, a band must be able to offer something more substantial than 'satisfactory' if they are to stand out from the pack.

Thankfully, this is not the shape of things to come from this band, and over the course of the next 11 tracks they proceed to unleash some truly fantastic songs, which will not only leave the listener satisfied, but will have them desperate for more. The second track on the album shows a far more rewarding side to Depth, as they let loose 'Burning Pages', a track which not only hits the ground running, but sets the pace for the rest of the album. Featuring hooks that land somewhere between Glamour Of The Kill and The Blackout, this track is a finely-crafted slice of modern post-hardcore, and from here on in Depth go from strength to strength; tracks like 'A True Escape' and 'No One Sings For A Second Place' show that the band aren't afraid to throw some breakdowns into the mix, something they achieve without sounding forced, a feat many of their more generic peers could do with learning from.

Possibly the most redeeming characteristic to Depth is the fact they're in possession of a melodic streak the size of France. Songs like 'Hold On' flow beautifully, and, aided by a wonderfully smooth guitar solo and gang vocals, allows it to become one of the stand out moments on the album. A disjointed sound is a hurdle at which many bands fall, but with their ability to write songs it would appear Depth are well above such hindrances.

However, there are shortcomings in the album. Some of the slower songs, such as 'The Story So Far' lack any real momentum or punch, and consequently sound like they could be the work of any other post-hardcore band doing the rounds, which, given the level of ability shown on here, is slightly disappointing. There are times when their sound treads on the toes of a certain Funeral For A Friend, but this is no bad thing- after all, if any homegrown post-hardcore act should be influencing younger bands, it's Funeral.

As the band sign off with 'Carcrash Conscience', a fine ending to the album, you can't help but want more from Depth. 'Situation Fulfilled' is not only a rewarding listen, but also an endearing one, which shows great promise for the future of this band. If they can smooth out the edges on their next release and still stick to the formula they've laid out on their debut, then they could well be onto something special, and I for one will be waiting with eager ears for that day to come.



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