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No Devolucion by Thursday

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Reviewed on 3rd April 2011.


No Devolucion

By Thursday

Thursday, the New Jersey rock band are back with their 6th studio album, which still screams out rock, but with a twist of indie infused melodies.

Fast To End

As the opening chords stomp out of the first track 'Fast to End,' it is clear to see this will be a huge hit for the New Jersey rockers Thursday.

No Answers

A slower song than the previous, shows a different side to the band, with strumming chords and painful lyrics. This is an excellent head nodding number, which will have listeners humming along.

A Darker Forest

A slow melody oozes out of the song within seconds, while Geoff Rickly's vocals entrance listeners and leads them through the beautiful track.

Sparks Against The Sun

Throughout the song are "woah's" which are setting the pace for a great sing along, which would fit perfectly at summer festivals. This track ignites a passion within the lyrics, and captures a wonderful stand out track for Thursday.

Open Quotes

With track 5 comes the rock we know and love from Thursday. Loud electricity of guitars and shouting lyrics hit out at the listener. This will be a rocking about the house kind of number.

Past And Future

Another slowed down song to start, but it builds up for the rocking out chorus, which is full of emotion and heavy drums. A great song to sing at the top of your lungs.

Magnets Caught In A Metal Heart

Number 7 is as poetic as its song title, with heartfelt lyrics and strumming guitars, that go hand in hand in this excellent post hardcore tune.

Empty Glass

The lyrics are almost in a whisper format, with a single keyboard tune setting the ambiance for a mood changer that will leave you feeling somber, but feeling every ounce of Thursday's emotions in this song.

A Gun In The First Act

Another experimental track but with the loudness that one would expect from a Thursday song. A full of energy song.


A heavy bass line kicks off this song, with lyrics shouting out which will have fans shouting and jumping along with it. An excellent reminder that this band is a post hardcore one at its roots.

Turnpike Divide

The penultimate track on Thursday's latest album is one that will have listeners turning this up to full volume, to hear the raw emotions in their full glory and feeling them along with the band.

Stay True

Final song on 'No Devolucion' is a slow starting strumming ensemble, which is the experimental theme and mood of this album. The soothing tones of Geoff's voice is a perfect end to the album.

Although fans are used to the screaming and energetic post hardcore riffs of previous albums, this is a complete change of direction, but one which works very well for Thursday. This an excellent new album and a refreshing change to what is out right now.



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