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Mit Nekem by Kepzelt Varos

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Reviewed on 10th May 2011.


Mit Nekem

By Kepzelt Varos

Over the last few years there's been an increasing interest in instrumental rock bands; particularly around the North. This is no surprise, with bands like Maybeshewill and 65daysofstatic bringing their storming performances to stages across the country; offering beautifully crafted, highly dynamic instrumental rock performances infused with brutal displays of rhythm, riff and exceptional character. So what can we expect if we explore the scene a little further afield? Sure, it takes a little more effort, but as I found with K?elt V?s, it can be extremely rewarding.

This exceptional group of musicians are based in Budapest, Hungary, and they're a great example of what musical riches lie beyond our sheltered little island. Their album, Mit Nekem, takes the listener on a journey through the kind of texture and melody that you'd only expect from a well established band - but these guys haven't even ventured out of Hungary's borders. Yet.

The album incorporates many features that have become the staple for instrumental music; the odd sample here and there, huge layered crescendo's and soft minimalist breaks. That said, they do this as well as any of the great post-rock artists out there.

The opening track, 'Sol,' is a largely atmospheric piece overlayed with speech samples. It does a beautiful job at setting the scene - a somewhat naked, broken down, post-apocalyptical scene - for the following piece; named simply 'D2'. The track begins with heavy minimalist riffing; reminiscent of Maybeshewill's 'Not for Want of Trying'. This is soon complimented by a somewhat quieter section; nevertheless brilliantly orchestrated, dominated by lush cello melodies and sparkling rhythm guitar lines. The track continues to build and break, continually holding interest as the listener is anxiously pulled two and fro between masterfully crafted soundscapes.

The sheer dynamic quality of 'D2' is enough to convince the listener that they've heard all these guys have to offer - but you'd be sorely mistaken. They still have buckets of tricks up their sleeve. The following track, 'Pap?aj?incorporates a few vocal lines - adding some dialogue to the mix. This was a well thought-out contribution. Not only does the singing introduce a remarkably addictive vocal hook; but they are expertly executed, with a style a cross between Richard Ashcroft and Thom Yorke (but in Hungarian, of course). Despite the language barrier, the hooks and emotion really do come through, and they make a great impact while doing so.

The styles continue to evolve throughout the album; yet remain tied together through the band's semi-symphonic, soundtrack-like compositional techniques. I won't go through every track here, as for one, it'd be a hell of a long review; and secondly, you should really explore these guys for yourself. It's definitely safe to say that if you're a fan of Mogwai, 65daysofstatic or Maybeshewill, you'll be delighted by the musical offerings of this exceptionally talented group of musicians.

Their album, 'Mit Nekem,' is available from their website for the incredible price of £FREE, so it can be in your possession for nil pennies in a matter of minutes. I highly suggest you grab a copy.



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