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Death Fires by Carl Barat

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Reviewed on 20th May 2011.


Death Fires

By Carl Barat

I have to confess, this might be a biased review. This is due to one fact, The Libertines are my favourite band of all time. So for me a new release from Carl Barat is like Christmas coming early. This EP, much like Barat's solo album, is very different to the sound of The Libertines, however it is different in a very good way, there is no other artist I can think of at the moment making music that sounds like this.

Opening track 'Death Fires Burn At Night' kicks in with a slow heavy guitar line, it is a very in your face track. This is different to anything Barat has done in the past due to the inclusion of a synth melody accompanying the guitar line, however this is a good song with a catchy chorus that I'll be singing for weeks, it won't win any awards and I can't see it doing particularly well mainstream wise, but I don't think it is written with that in mind.

Next track 'Grimaldi' is a brilliant re-imagining of unreleased Libertines track 'The Ballard Of Grimaldi.' A very jumpy song at times, almost folky in its structure and tempo changes. This is my favourite song on this EP, I think it is a brilliant song and I urge any Libertines fans to check this out, Pete Doherty has also done a version of 'Grimaldi' but I prefer Barat's version.

Next up is 'This Is The Song,' a very nice relaxing piano based song which really illustrates how good Barat's songwriting actually is. The lyrics could have many reasons, I am sure that many people will jump to the conclusion of the song being about Pete Doherty, but I'm sure everyone will find their own meaning in time. I have never heard the words "He's gunna get his fucking head kicked in" sung so beautifully before.

Final track is a cover of The Langley Sisters' song 'Sing For My Supper.' Admittedly I have never heard the original so I can't make a comparison. However this seems a very good song choice for Barat, it seems to suit his voice perfectly. A very good ending to a well rounded EP.

As I said at the start, I am sure this is a very biased review, I wouldn't be surprised if many people tell me that I am wrong and that it is in fact a terrible EP, but personally, I love it.



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On 31st May 2011 at 18:05 Anonymous 14802 wrote...

Lucky you, who had a chance to listen to this 'bloody' EP before any of us
For what I know of the songs, this sounds like a relevant review (my point of view could be biased, too... (well, f*** them!))


On 24th June 2011 at 12:18 Anonymous 10451 wrote...

@Littlmouse It's a brilliant EP, especially his version of Grimaldi, a lot better than Pete's version, which suprised me.


On 2nd November 2011 at 16:53 Anonymous 14802 wrote...

@ Mawson : Now I can confirm, this EP is brilliant !
But it seems there hasn't been too much fuss about it, unfortunately



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