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Visiting Hours Of A Travelling Circus by Mojo Fury

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Reviewed on 5th June 2011.


Visiting Hours Of A Travelling Circus

By Mojo Fury

2011 signals the long awaited release of Northern Ireland's Mojo Fury's debut album. After touring hard for the last couple of years, Mojo Fury step up to the plate, and show their big potential to burst onto the music scene. Having received slots at Live at Leeds and Sonisphere Festival, I decided to check out their album "Visiting Hours Of A Travelling Circus".

Straight away the album kicks in with fan favourite "The Mann" which has a riff that any Biffy Clyro fan would be proud off. It has the same drive and fierce energy that resembles Pulled Apart By Horses, however delivers a catchy melody through shouty vocals which underline singer Matt Mormecha's passion.

Last single "Colour of the Bear" lulls the listener into a false sense of security, the beginning of the song carries a jerky indie riff, but then explodes mid chorus into a meaningful shout out, towards something that has previously failed, "Let's try to make this work, One last time".
The stand out song on the album for me, has to be "We should just run away" the electronic introduction is quickly backed up by a strong and funky bassline which automatically makes your head bob along, and get immersed in the song. The pre-chorus builds tension, with a beautiful harmony between Matt, and guitarist James Lyttle, which shouts the song title. The song includes well put together guitar solos, and intense breakdowns to create a belter of a tune. This song should definitely be released as it could make the band break into the rock scene.

Another song which rises above is "What a Secret" which at first seems to be a more mild mannered song, perhaps gentle, with a slow strumming guitar introduction. However the chorus of "Thank you very much, but I have had that before" instantly gets stuck in your head and the melody is brilliant. The joint harmonies also enforce the chorus, and show a slightly lighter side to the band. However four minutes in, the song bursts into a breakdown which you instantly want to start moving to.

Finally, 'Lemon Marine' is a "in your face" song which encourages the foot to tap, and you want to get involved. This song has a perfectly crafted verse/chorus and the use of the radio effect on singer Matt's voice adds a great touch to the song. Again a great use of harmonies between the two reinforces a great melody. The scream from the vocals show serious intent from Mojo Fury, but in contrast the album shows both a rock intent, with extreme breakdowns and riffs to rip your face, but perfectly crafted harmonies that wow the audience. The use of trumpets on this track also creates a contrast to the song.

Overall, the Mojo Fury album is chuffing awesome. It was not only Itunes single of the week, but they were Rocksound's band of the week. This is a great first album, and the band has unbelievable talent when it comes to playing live. If you have some money, go buy it, it would be foolish not to.



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