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Leisure Seizure by Tom Vek

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Reviewed on 16th June 2011.


Leisure Seizure

By Tom Vek

The long awaited second album from Vek "Leisure Seizure" was released on 6th June. His apparent disappearance from the music scene for 6 years caused much speculation and resulted in the apparent formation of Facebook groups to find the poor lost soul. Fans need not fear though, as rumours have it he was merely learning new production skills and in search of a studio and if that's the case his lessons in production certainly have not been put to waste. "Leisure Seizure" boasts a much cleaner production sound than "We Have Sound". "A Chore" is the debut single from the album accompanied by a string of hits, "Hold Your Hand", "We do Nothing" and "Seizemic". Big beats and a monotone voice, this lost soul has been found. Sporting a spiffing new haircut, nothing can stop Mr Vek. Bravo.



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On 16th June 2011 at 21:49 Jack Crawley wrote...

Well worth the rating!



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