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God Damned by The Catharsis

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Reviewed on 16th June 2011.


God Damned

By The Catharsis

If you're looking for a straight-up hardcore kicking, then The Catharsis could well be your new favourite band. On this, their debut EP, the band delivers 13 minutes worth of frantic noise which pulls no punches, but instead crashes onto the scene, all guns blazing; restless and relentless, this is a barrage of modern hardcore which sees the band snapping at the heels of some of the UK's finest.

One of the factors which makes The Catharsis so appealing is their ability to wear their influences on their sleeves whilst still retaining a sense of individuality. At times their sound is reminiscent of Every Time I Die's hard-partying racket, none more so than on opener 'Deletist'- elsewhere the band evoke images of the havoc-wreaking Cancer Bats with their 'Sabbath Town Hardcore', but at no point do they cross that thin line which separates inspiration from plagiarism. This means that the band sound totally comfortable in their own skin, and in an age where the music scene is awash with generic copycat bands, it's great to hear a band who're churning out their own sound whilst being able to pay homage to their favourite bands at the same time.

To say that The Catharsis' brand of hardcore is slightly hectic would be akin to saying that Converge's is a tad on the heavy side. The band pour so much energy into their debut that you can almost feel it emanating from your speakers; if you're looking for a comparison closer to home, then their frantic delivery isn't a million miles away from that which helped The Ghost Of A Thousand burst onto the scene a few years back, especially on final track 'Colder', where the energy levels threaten to boil over into thermonuclear territories- this is the kind of attitude which, live, should equip the band with a huge physical presence, and should The Catharsis ever pay Leeds a visit, I'm sure I'll be down the front to verify this.

No hardcore band's future is secure in this day and age. Even those who look destined for bigger and better things- such as the aforementioned The Ghost Of A Thousand- rarely break free of the scene and cross over into rock's big leagues. The question is this; do The Catharsis have what it takes to make it? Judging by this, their earliest effort, their rewards will be far more deserved than many of their peers'; in the form of 'God Damned,' the Birmingham bruisers have kick-started their career in fine style, and with consistency and quality already under their belts, they should aim high; their future should be a bright one indeed.



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